Welcome to The Virtualization Practice

The Virtualization Practice is a collection of technologists. We concentrate on virtualization and cloud technologies and companies. We look at products, services, methodologies, and mindsets. Below are our findings and thoughts on all things virtual and cloud. We invite you to add your thoughts and comments on each article.

If your product, organization, or company works in, fixes problems within, or enables virtual and cloud environments, we are interested in hearing from you. Our goal is to educate the market about what technologies are available for virtual and cloud environments. We cover all aspects of cloud, from Transformation & Agility to Security, including stops along the way to discuss SDDC & Hybrid Cloud, IT as a Service, Data Protection, and End User Computing.

In addition, we take this information and create reference architectures for use by other technologists. These architectures suggest placement of various products within the environment to provide functional and secure hybrid clouds. Our architectures consider placement of storage, physical and virtual servers, security, end user computing, and networks within data centers and hybrid clouds.

We also review licensing related to the hypervisors on the market, including Hyper-V, Xen, KVM, vSphere, and several derivative works. Licensing costs associated with running virtualized data within your data center are examined as well.

Although virtualization and cloud environments have been around for many years, we still find that many people do not know what products are available. We are here to solve that problem by providing education and a look at what the future may hold. We do this by taking briefings, talking with end users, administrators, and C-levels, researching various topics, and concentrating on thought leadership in the areas of virtualization and cloud technologies and services. This allows us to help our sponsors by determining how their products fit into virtual and cloud environments. We assist our sponsors by getting the word out via our newsletter, social media, and this site.