VMware’s Sr. Cloud Realist: A Conversation with Mike Laverick

So, if you don’t know Mike Laverick, do yourself a big favor and listen to the podcast below. He is a VMware vExpert currently working as the Senior Cloud Infrastructure Evangelist for VMware. His focus is vCloud Director, vCloud Automation Center, and pretty much anything else at VMware that has “Cloud” in the title. He has a very realistic sensibility about all technology, probably due to the fact that he has been in the business for twenty years.

In the podcast, we talk about the software-defined data center, how business is changing, and how those changes are in turn exposing the need for more changes. When you fix one bottleneck, another one inevitably becomes exposed. We also address the fact that there are some gross inefficiencies in the way IT works today, and we discuss what virtualization and automation is doing about them. Also covered are the hidden costs of virtualization (e.g., storage), what needs to happen to make a virtualization project viable, and all the hoops and bizarre distortion of behaviors the process demands of perfectly normal people.

Mike also addresses the complexities involved in what is going on with Microsoft’s hypervisor architecture, specifically around migrations and the complexities involved therein. (He does get paid for this, you know.) His reason for addressing this is because he is making a distinction between solutions that are “good enough” vs. solutions that are 100%, in so far as making it their core focus. Microsoft makes its money off its operating systems, not Hyper-V. No company can be all things to all customers. It does not work that way. In fact, Mike makes the point that every viable company has one—maybe two—“killer apps,” and that is like winning the lotto. Once its one or two apps become popular, a company has to protect them (its crown jewels), keep them stable, and continue to innovate to keep them relevant. In addition, the complexities of vendor relationships with its co-companies (EMC/VMware or even HP Thin Clients/HP Servers) as well as corporate politics exist and must be dealt with.

FeedForward (A Hand Up to VMUG Attendees)

Mike and a couple of other superheroes in the virtualization space have decided to become mentors to VMUG attendees interested in becoming content presenters at VMUGs. Let me list these mentors before I continue:

Now, I am not going to go into the history of these men and what they have accomplished in their careers or what the expectations are for their future contributions, but let me just say this: If you are a VMUG attendee in the UK and want to learn from a master how to create great content and then present it, contact them and ask to be mentored, so that you can present at your local VMUG. It may be the start of something amazing that you never even thought would be possible for you or your career. It does not matter what you look like, who you think you are, or who people tell you that you are. Take a chance, be brave, and raise your hand; these men could spend their time on anything. They want to spend it on you. Check out the podcast Episode 5 here: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/129734.

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