VMware vExpert Class of 2013

At the end of May, VMware announced the new VMware vExpert class of 2013. There were 581 vExperts named which is the largest group so far in the 5 year history of the program. On an interesting side note, of these 581 vExperts, there are forty two of them that were part of the original 300 in the vExpert Class of 2009.

I thought I would share my thoughts and perspective on the vExpert award and about the people that VMware acknowledges.  To become a vExperts each person must have demonstrated significant contributions to the community and a willingness to share their expertise with others in one form or another. This sharing is usually done in the forms of blogging, presentations, user groups, book authorships etc. Another side not, did you know that there are several vExperts that are also Microsoft MVP’s?

Microsoft’s MVP program is top notch and Microsoft has had quite a few years nurturing the program into what it is today.  VMware’s vExpert program is still in its infancy in comparison and they are awarded differently based on the company’s program criteria for selection. My point is not to even begin to compare the two programs against each other but rather focus on the people that these company’s programs award and acknowledge.

At some point in time in the near future there will be a lot of you that will attend some of the conferences and or user group meeting going on around the world.  The point about the people is this. When you are attending these conferences or other events, make a conscious effort to find and talk to any of these award winners that you can.  I am a firm believer that one of the most important aspects for these events is the networking part of the experience hands down. If you are passionate about the technology that you work with than there are no better people to look for at these events to network with and or just talk shop with which will get you a different insight from some of the best technology experts around.

It is great to be in a position to be recognized and honored from a company who products you support with the technology that is your passion. Knowing that a list of the expert’s and MVP’s are public knowledge, take this information and use it for your advantage to help further your career.  I have been absolutely amazed at the sheer amount or brain power that comes from these groups and have found it to be one of the best ways to be in a position to learn from different people as well as share ideas to collaborate with others.  Take advantage of the people that are presented to learn all you can.

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