VMware Study – Benefits of Virtualization for the SMB

VMware has recently released the results of a new study that VMware did of 309 companies that have between 20 and 1000 employees. The two major benefits of virtualization reported by the survey participants were reduced time spent on routine and repetitive tasks, and improved applications availability. 73% of respondents reported reductions in time spent on routine tasks, and 71% reported improvements in applications availability.

The complete set of responses and benefits are shown in the chart below.


What is interesting about these numbers is the generally high percentages of respondents that reported these benefits. These benefits from virtualization were reported by over 2/3rd‘s of the respondents for most of the categories of benefit reported. Particularly of note is the fact that 69% of the respondents reported that virtualization improved their responsiveness to business needs, or put another way, improved their business agility. Agility is something that is critical to smaller companies as they typically do not have the scale, financing, market penetration, or brand awareness that global enterprises rely upon as competitive factors.

Despite these strong benefits, these same organizations listed some inhibitors to the pursuit of virtualization. The lack of budget was listed by 54% reason why their organization was being prevented from pursuing virtualization. This again points out an issue that we have raised about progress in SMB virtualization which is the fact that the pricing for Microsoft Hyper-V is attractive to an SMB, as is the fact that if the SMB has only Windows Admin expertise that Hyper-V is simply an easier and less expensive hill to climb from a staffing perspective.


To read the complete study, download it from the VMware library.

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