VMware Re-Packages and Re-Prices the vCenter Operations Management Suite

At VMworld Europe, VMware has announced significant changes to the packaging the pricing of the vCenter Operations Management Suite. The highlight is a new edition of vC OPS, Foundation, which is free with every edition of vSphere.

vCenter Operations Management Suite Pricing and Packaging Changes

Here is the summary of the changes:

  1. A new Edition of vC Ops, Foundation has been created. This new edition will be bundled into every edition of vSphere for free. VMware is now using this “freemium” approach to expose the user interface and basic functionality of vC Operations to its 400,000 customers with the intent of then upselling them to one of the paid editions or an entire vCloud Suite.
  2. The old Standard Edition no longer exists as its functionality is now in Foundation and is free with vSphere.
  3. The $50 per VM entry price for vC OPS does a way, replaced by either a free Foundation or a new $125 Standard Edition
  4. The old Advanced Edition becomes the new Standard Edition. All of the functionality that used to be in Advanced is now in the new Standard. The price for the new Standard Edition is $125 per VM which is the price of the old Advanced Edition.
  5. The old Enterprise Edition at $195 per VM becomes in the new Advanced Edition at @$250 per VM or OSI. An OSI is an Operating System Instance which is the new way of being able to monitor an operating system if it resides on a non VMware virtualization platform, in a non-VMware cloud, or on physical hardware.
  6. The old Enterprise Plus at $1,370 per VM has been retired, and is replaced with a new Enterprise at $600 per VM/OSI. This new enterprise does not contain all of the adapters to third party products that Enterprise Plus had. These are now unbundled and sold at $175 to $500 per VM/OSI.
  7. Regulatory Compliance templates are unbundled and available separately for $295 per VM/OSI


 New vCenter Operations Editions and Pricing (click image to expand)



Bundling the Foundation Edition of vCenter Operations into every edition of vSphere is VMware’s strategy for seeding its customer base with just enough of vC OPS to entice customers to move up and purchase a higher level edition of the suite. However, the least expensive version of vCenter Operation is now $125 per VM instead of $50 per VM. Finally support has been added for monitoring OS instances that run on other hypervisors and other clouds.

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