Virtualization and Cloud Security Projects to Watch

The future of Virtualization and Cloud Security is being worked on today and there are several projects worth watching. Early guidance from these projects will aid your current virtualization and cloud security policies, procedures, plans, and architectures.

Existing Projects

The cloud security projects to watch are:

The virtualization security projects to watch are:

Hybrid virtualization and cloud projects to watch are:

Future Projects

Even with these existing projects I think there is a need for at least one more project related to cloud and virtualization security and compliance, specifically compliance. Since Security is not Compliance and Compliance is not Security.

  • General Compliance guidance with respect to virtualizaiton and cloud that auditors can use with respect to determining if the proper compensating controls are in use.

This General Compliance guidance would not be specific to any one industry and help auditors and security professionals determine if the proper compensating controls are in place for each of the hypervisors in use.


As virtualization becomes more complex, we will need to rely heavily on documentation from security and compliance projects to determine what should and should not be part of the security policy. Knowing how to harden and audit is just as important as knowing what to compensating controls to have in place.

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