Veeam Survey on using Enterprise Management tools for Virtualization

Here at The Virtualization Practice we have generally taken the view that management frameworks that are used to manage legacy physical storage, network and server environments should not be brought forward into new dynamic and virtualized data centers, because these enterprise management frameworks lack the functionality and flexibility to move forward into this new world.

Indeed Veeam has just released a survey that bears this basic point out. The survey focused upon determining views on how enterprises are managing virtualization, how they would prefer to manage virtualization, and what the barriers are to further virtualization in their environments.

The first chart in the survey is below. This chart shows how enterprises in five key geographies are choosing to use “specialist tools” meaning tools designed specifically for VMware or Hyper-V, instead of using existing enterprise management tools to manage VMware and Hyper-V environments. The chart shows that on average 80% of enterprises are in fact using specialist tools instead of enterprise management frameworks to manage virtualized environments.

Veeam.April .2001.Survey

The survey contains a great deal of other information including charts about which enterprise management frameworks are in use in enterprises, the degree to which lack of proper management tools are impeding virtualization initiatives, the importance of managing vSphere and Hyper-V from a single console, and the role that management tool maturity plays in hypervisor selection.

The full report is entitled, “VMware Management with Enterprise Management Systems from the Big 5: Microsoft, HP, IBM, CA and BMC“, and can be downloaded at the link above from the Veeam site.


Veeam offers the nworks products which collect data from vSphere and then act as plug-ins or management packs to Microsoft SCOM and HP Operations Manager. This approach to managing VMware vSphere environments, as well as the applications that run on them was covered in a recent article, “Microsoft SCOM as a complete Management Solution for a VMware Environment“. It is obviously in Veeams interest to highlight the desires on the part of enterprises to use Microsoft SCOM and HP Operations Manager to manage virtualized systems, since that is what the nworks products enable.

However it is also a valid point that enterprises are going to split along these lines. Many enterprises see virtualization as an opportunity to dump what they perceive as expensive, inflexible, and difficult to use enterprise management tools in favor of ones built for the new dynamic data center. Other enterprises simply view virtualization as one more silo that that needs to be managed with existing tools. Veeam’s nworks products clearly cater to the group who fall into the latter category.