VDI, a Beauty & a Beast: A Nutanix Story

Recently, I wrote an article about what Citrix has done around virtualizing GPUs and GPU sharing, based on a podcast with Derek Thorslund, director of product management for HDX at Citrix. When the story hit the social media sphere, I got clobbered with hits about Nutanix and its partnership with Citrix and NVIDIA, along with a handful of requests to lead a podcast and write about its involvement with the GRID vGPU tech in its virtual desktop infrastructure  (VDI) business. So, just for the folks who reached out, here is my response. 

Obviously, there were a few people I could have pinged to speak to on this topic from Nutanix. I chose Jason Langone (@langonej on Twitter), who happens to be in sales—he is Nutanix’s director of federal sales. He is also a VMware vExpert and is one of the first one hundred people to qualify as a VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX). His background is in hard-core engineering, and a couple of years ago he got led over to the Dark Side.

In our podcast conversation, we focus on VDI and the fact that in the federal vertical it has and continues to be a very viable and profitable solution. Could Edward Snowden please stand up? That’s right, he is still trapped in an airport hotel in Moscow (at least, he was the last time I cared to check on him). So, this is the reason I wanted to have Jason Langone as my guest. He has spent a significant portion of his career in the government space and gets to see VDI at a scale many people have never and never will see, since the number one driving use case for VDI (not the only, just the number one) is security.

Because of the complexity and the huge amount of legacy technology that exists (and will always exist) in the federal space, he also has a profound understanding of what it takes to wade through very complex environments and come out the other side victorious. He is a trench warrior by the true nature of his job and his career.

In our conversation, we talk about the heavy hitters in the industry, what the future of VDI could possibly look like, why Nutanix recently received a billion-dollar company valuation, the difference between salespeople and core engineers, and me spending an inordinate amount of time poking fun at Jason for being in sales and him being a good sport about that. Please check out our Episode 6 of Citrixgurl’s Virtualization EUC Podcast.

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