Transformation & Agility

Transformation & Agility concerns the utilization of the technical agility derived from the benefits delivered by virtualization and cloud computing, coupled with Agile Development practices that improve business agility, performance, and results. This includes the agility derived from: (Read More)

  • The implementation of Agile and DevOps methodologies
  • The  application and system architectures
  • The  implementation of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS clouds
  • Monitoring of the environment, coupled with processes for resolving problems quickly
  • Having continuous availability through the use of high-availability and disaster recovery products and procedures

Transformation covers the journey from A to Z and all points between: how you get there and the roads you will travel; how decisions made on day zero or one, or even day three, will affect later decisions; and what technical, operational, and organizational pitfalls can be associated with an implementation. We examine what tool sets are required for Agile Cloud Development, and it delves into other aspects of Agile Development that integrate with cloud computing, SaaS, and PaaS environments, including DevOps, Scrum, XP, and Kanban.

Moving Up the Stack Does not Really Simplify Anything!

Moving up the stack does not simplify anything. Complexity increases. Let us look at this from several angles: management, security, development, networking, and storage. In essence, the entire IT stack. Because complexity increases, we need DevOps (or SecDevOps) to help us over the rough spots. We need new rules of engagement and even new ways of working. This makes the new IT stack even more complex.

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VMware Shows a Way Forward

Now that VMworld is over, it is time to digest everything we learned: to pick at the messaging for the kernel of truths and directions. Many found the VMworld keynotes to be somewhat bland and the show floor to be much of the same. However, there was gold within both. We can discuss the show floor later, as I’d like to look deeper at the messaging first. The gold was hard to put together amid all the different messages. Themes included cross-cloud, Photon, NSX, and VSAN. These may seem disjointed until you look deeper. The messaging could be better, and I expect it to improve by VMworld Barcelona. Yet, there was clearly a path forward for each of VMware’s customers.

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Containers: Distributed Disruption

Container technologies are the new disruption, but in an old way. vMotion heralded the age of containers. They change the fundamental view of computing, toward heavily automated, orchestrated, and distributed systems, where high availability is not within the server and operating system, but is within the application itself. Containers themselves are not new, but how we used them has changed how we think about computing and applications.

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Pokémon Go: Get Off My Lawn!

Just in case you have been living under a rock for the last month or so, Pokémon Go has become the latest mobile phone gaming craze. It is based on the Nintendo game Pokémon, in which you travel around a mythical land capturing, training, and then fighting these creatures called “Pokémon” (pocket monsters) with other Pokémon hunters.

What is interesting about this particular game is the interactive nature and the fact that it is based in the real world. For a technical viewpoint, read my fellow analyst’s post on the subject here. The fact that it actually gets the kids out of their darkened rooms and into the wild outdoors, gaining valuable vitamin D for their sun-starved teenage skin, is a bonus.


Justice versus Pokemon Go

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