Security focuses on end-to-end security, integrity, auditability, and regulatory compliance for virtualization and clouds, the SDDC, and the secure hybrid cloud. Security starts where the cloud and virtual environments begin: the end user computing device. (Read More)

As part of Security, we follow the user through the virtual and cloud stacks until they reach the application they wish to use for retrieving the data that is important to them. Virtualization and cloud security is implemented where there is an intersection between user, data, and application, while maintaining strict control of management interfaces. As such, we explore all aspects of security devices, tools, controls, and guides that impact or can be used to secure virtual and cloud environments.

More Secure vs. Better/Cheaper/Faster … or Both?

With the myriad cases of cyber-theft and security breaches that headline the news every day, it’s no wonder that system improvements are taking a back seat to security items within most IT organizations. While many vendors highlight new products or features as being better, cheaper, and/or faster, those items are having limited success compared to those that address being secure.

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Getting to Green: Monitoring Your Cloud

Recently, we upgraded our cloud environment. This raises the question, “What is wrong with the environment after an upgrade?” As tools improve, we get new warnings, messages, and analytics. This often leads to a decision to ensure that after the upgrade, all monitoring, alerts, and other diagnostics show green across the board. Is this required, desirable, and even warranted? Wouldn’t it make sense to understand a change between releases first, before blanket acceptance?

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Security in Our Modern Times

Throughout all the years I have been working in information technology, security has been an area that engineers have striven to improve. As a result, we have make our environments as secure as possible. We have always looked to make the security of our systems stronger. Security has evolved over time. One example of this evolution is the concept of password management. IT professionals have helped drive the change from simple passwords to more secure passphrases to two-factor authentication added as another layer of security.

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Innovation: The Future of IT

Innovation is the future of IT, but is innovation really happening? Let us look at one segment of IT: security. The RSA Conference hosts an annual Innovation Sandbox. The winner can claim to be the most innovative security company that participated in the contest. This year, there was a wide mix of companies.

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