Blindly Heading Toward the Technology Abyss

Blindly heading toward the technology abyss. For years now, more and more information is moved and stored into the digital world and each and every day we keep hearing about yet another system that has been compromised and more data has been stolen or as of recent news, another ransomware attack that is shutting down computers around the world. The thing is for certain, these attacks and thefts of data are becoming more and more frequent and nefarious in nature with reports coming in that the most recent ransomware attack may not be ransomware at all but rather something much worse.


Should Vendors Be Legislated into Providing Ongoing Software Support?

The WannaCry “ransomworm” highlighted a number of issues in modern enterprise IT. Dealing with legacy software, support, maintaining good patching processes, effectively mitigating discovered vulnerabilities, responsible disclosure—all of these points have been highlighted and discussed in the aftermath of the …
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