Companies Leave a Treasure Trove of Data

For the last several years, and really ever since public repositories and storage were first used, API and other confidential data has been leaking. The treasure trove as the start of an attack is now becoming common place (most recently …
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No Need for Independent Clusters for Security or Compliance

On the latest Virtualization and Cloud Security Podcast (11/09/2017), senior technical marketing architect for vSphere Security Mike Foley and I discussed security and compliance, and segregated or independent clusters for each. This has been one of my personal hot topics …
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Process, People, Ptechnology, and Politics

The four Ps of security, DevOps, Agile Cloud Development, and cloud migration are Process, People, Ptechnology, and Politics. In that order. The Ptechnology piece is by far the easiest piece, though it is often considered to be critical. Without Process …
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