InfoSec World 2018: Scale-Up, Scale-Out Security

At InfoSec World 2018, March 19–21, I will be speaking on scale and security. I’ve talked about scale in the past, and about the different types available. Join me at my roundtable discussion at InfoSec World, “G4 Impact of Scale …
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Security at Scale: User Behavioral Analytics

Recently I was invited to participate as a delegate at Tech Field Day 16 in Austin, Texas, where we visited with Forcepoint. Forcepoint is a company with a combined portfolio that includes user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA). UEBA’s primary …
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“I Want to Get Out of the Data Center Business”

CIOs everywhere are stating that they want to get out of the data center business and move to the cloud. Is this just a temporary, trendy shift or a long-term solution? Cloud providers such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Google, …
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