Cry Me a River: Cloud-Native Security

WannaCry, SambaCry, and other attacks have pinpointed the need to not just protect from unwarranted access, but to define unwarranted better. It is not just about ports and firewalls, but also about applications, APIs, and processes. In other words, services. …
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WannaCry Highlights that We’re Still Struggling to Deal with Legacy Software

There’s no need for a breathless recap of the “ransomworm” that recently spread across the globe. WannaCry was the name given to this piece of malware, and it affected hundreds of thousands of devices across more than a hundred countries.


The Attack Seen Around the World

The attack seen around the world. In one of my more recent posts, I brought attention to the release, or better yet the data dump of exploits and hacking tools targeting Microsoft’s Windows OS, Linux, firewalls, and others. One of the main purposes of my post was to bring attention to the grave dangers that these exploits bring to the world and as such, I really hoped that there would be enough interest from individuals in the industry to get a copy of the exploits and contribute to the countermeasures that would be needed to defend against exploits to better protect and defend the companies and corporations that we all represent. I was absolutely sure that there would be many individuals around the world that would be reverse engineering the exploits for more devious purposes and it appears that we have just experienced the first, of what I believe, to be just the beginning attacks seen around the world.