SDDC & Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing has evolved from focusing only on how to construct, secure, manage, monitor, and utilize IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS clouds. As the paradigm matures, it is moving from a pure resource management paradigm to a data and resource management paradigm. (Read More)

SDDC is the next evolution in on-site data center technology. It has taken the knowledge gained from the server virtualization revolution and blended it with software-defined storage and networking to create a data center defined and managed by software running on invisible hardware.

Hybrid Cloud covers the technologies and operational processes, both technical and business, for deploying, consuming, and utilizing this paradigm.

Major areas of focus include barriers to adoption; progress on the part of vendors in removing those barriers; where the lines of responsibility are drawn between the cloud vendor and the customer for IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and hybrid clouds; and management tools that are essential to deploying and managing the cloud, ensuring its security and the performance of applications.

My Collective Thoughts about VMworld 2016

It has now been a couple of weeks since VMworld 2016 came to a close in Las Vegas, Nevada and a few weeks before VMworld EU 2016 goes to Barcelona. That has given me some time to ponder my collective thoughts about VMworld 2016 and reflect on what I saw, as well as what I heard, during that week in Vegas. I have to say, my biggest takeaway was that 2016 was the year when VMworld seemed to have more of a vibe about network and storage virtualization.

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IPO: Nutanix Has Set the Price and the Date

After many false dawns and rumors, Nutanix has finally set the price and date of its IPO on the Global NASDAQ exchange. Its initial offering is to be 14 million common class A stock and an initial price of between $11 and $13. The expected IPO date is September 30, and it will have the symbol NTNX.

It seems that Nutanix has finally decided to grow up and discard the startup tag. (Surely even Nutanix can’t keep calling itself a startup after seven years and an IPO, can it?)


Nutanix has set the price and date for its IPO

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SaaS Enabler: Oracle Cloud 2.0

After Oracle OpenWorld, I asked myself a simple question. How will Oracle use Oracle Cloud 2.0? AWS uses its cloud to create services such as Lambda. What will Oracle create within its cloud? More to the point, will its current SaaS offerings migrate to Oracle Cloud 2.0? Have they already? These are crucial questions to which there are no ready answers. Oracle cannot compete with Amazon, so how will Oracle become a player in the cloud?

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Is Oracle Cloud 2.0 a Weather System Too Late?

Last week was Oracle OpenWorld. It was held in San Francisco at the Moscone Center, which surprised me. I had thought it was closed for refurbishment, as this was the reason VMware had given for holding its annual US shindig in Las Vegas this year.

It seems like Oracle must always have a public enemy number one. Those of you with long enough teeth will remember spats it has had over the years with Microsoft and, more recently, Google and HPE. Well, it seems that Oracle has a new public enemy in its laser sights, and that is Amazon Web Services (AWS). The OpenWorld keynotes proclaimed that Oracle is now a real cloud player and the fastest growing cloud company out there. However, according to The Register, even the usually docile and compliant conference attendees were quite vociferous in denying this.


Is Oracle Cloud 2.0 a weather system too late?

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VMware Becomes More Laser-Focused, Selling Two Business Units

Some might say that the carve-up has begun, now that the Dell/EMC merger has been finalized. VMware has divested itself of two new business units: namely, the Business Enterprise and IT Benchmarking units, which it bought in 2011 when it acquired Digital Fuel. Remember, this was during VMware’s acquisition phase under former CEO Paul Maritz, during which it acquired companies including Shavlik, SpringSource, Socialcast, and Zimbra, amongst several others.


VMware divests itself of two more business units

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It’s the Lead-Up to VMworld Barcelona

VMworld Las Vegas 2016 could not have come at a worse time for California-based VMware, just before the September 7 nuptials of its New England parent, EMC, and the Texan Dell.

Many are saying, as usual, that the writing is on the wall for VMware: that is has lost its way, that is it the IBM of the Millennial generation. Watching from afar (the less said about being afar the better, but at least my back is healing) offers a slightly different perspective. Not being dazzled by the bright lights of the conference or being subsumed into the cacophony means that you can more clearly see the chaff from the corn and perhaps discern a direction in what at first seems nothing but white noise.


VMworld Barcelona 2016

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