SDDC & Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing has evolved from focusing only on how to construct, secure, manage, monitor, and utilize IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS clouds. As the paradigm matures, it is moving from a pure resource management paradigm to a data and resource management paradigm. (Read More)

SDDC is the next evolution in on-site data center technology. It has taken the knowledge gained from the server virtualization revolution and blended it with software-defined storage and networking to create a data center defined and managed by software running on invisible hardware.

Hybrid Cloud covers the technologies and operational processes, both technical and business, for deploying, consuming, and utilizing this paradigm.

Major areas of focus include barriers to adoption; progress on the part of vendors in removing those barriers; where the lines of responsibility are drawn between the cloud vendor and the customer for IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and hybrid clouds; and management tools that are essential to deploying and managing the cloud, ensuring its security and the performance of applications.

The Future of Big Data

What is the future of big data? This is the question on my mind and perhaps those of others. We know it is being used heavily by industry, business, and government. One thing I want to know is how do we make big data even faster? Eventually, even with Moore’s Law, we will hit a roadblock. Granted, for many, we are a far cry from hitting any limits. However, for some, some queries still take months to answer. For security groups, months is too slow. So, where do we turn? How do we get faster?

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VMware Takes Big Steps into its Cross-Cloud Vision

VMware takes big steps into its cross-cloud vision. My esteemed colleague at TVP Strategy Jo Harder recently released an article on the rumors about an upcoming VMware and Amazon Web Services press conference announcement. Jo was right on the money with her assessment: an official announcement was made, although VMware mistakenly posted its announcement a wee bit early. I would like to build off of Jo’s post and move the conversation in slightly different direction.

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Fallacies in Marketing

One of the things I find frustrating in marketing materials is the use of logical fallacies. I know that not everyone wants logical correctness as a part of life. Having studied science at university, I like good rules that are followed. I’d prefer that marketing materials were honest, complete, and direct. The problem with overstated claims or logical fallacies is that they undermine the rest of the message. As soon as a reader of the message questions the honesty of a part of the message, the remaining message is also suspect. I would much prefer full and direct marketing messages, rather than half-truths that treat the reader as someone lacking in intelligence. Unfortunately, we will never get rid of the fallacies, because humans and money are involved. So, we need to understand the fallacies that are common and learn to recognize them in materials we read.

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VMware + AWS?

Rumors are flying that VMware and Amazon Web Services will be teaming together to offer cloud services for VMware workloads. A press conference is scheduled for Thursday, October 13, on what will reportedly be a significant announcement related to a partnership between the two companies.

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My Thoughts on the Google Horizon Event

I was fortunate enough to attend an invite-only Google event to get briefed on numerous announcements pertaining to Google’s cloud services. The announcements included updates on products ranging from Google Docs to Google’s public cloud offering. Additional information was shared on Google’s go-to-market strategy and staffing ambitions as it gears up to gain ground on AWS and Azure over the next few years.

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MS Ignite Roundup

Microsoft has just wrapped up its MS Ignite conference in Atlanta. MS Ignite, which morphed from Microsoft’s TechEd conference, is the conference at which Microsoft traditionally announces and GAs its newest products and delivers its technical strategy announcements. The latest conference has not been a disappointment. This year, as expected for a tech conference, it is all about cloud, cloud, and more cloud, with a smattering of AI thrown in.

MS Ignite

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