Cry Me a River: Cloud-Native Security

WannaCry, SambaCry, and other attacks have pinpointed the need to not just protect from unwarranted access, but to define unwarranted better. It is not just about ports and firewalls, but also about applications, APIs, and processes. In other words, services. …
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Software-Defined Storage Research Released

We have finally released our Software-Defined Storage (SDS) Coverage Report. The first of the SDS reports covers ioFABRIC, Hedvig, and DataCore products. The coverage graphs show these vendors’ product suites along multiple axes. While we do not draw any specific …
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VMware Leaves the Data Protection Market

Back in April, VMware announced the end of life for its vSphere Data Protection (VDP) product. This little nugget was once again hidden in a blog post, in which VMware stated that moving forward after vSphere 6.5, it would be helping to consolidate backup and recovery by …
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Will the Cloud’s Future Be Defined by Its Edge?

Is the future of the cloud going to be defined by the edge of the cloud? One of the main trend of a current modern day cloud computing systems is the centralized compute applied within the data center itself with the edge of the cloud being the entry portal into the computing services of the cloud. This has been the typical setup for most all of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms.  Pick your SaaS wither it be Office365, Service Now, SAP or name your service and the endpoint is usually the end user access point to query and interact with the backend computing systems but now things that can be classified as the next generation Internet-of-Things (IoT) appears to be one of the driving factors in the push of the compute into the edge devices.