Performance Management

Performance Management covers monitoring the physical infrastructure, the virtual infrastructure and applications for end-to-end performance and service levels. It covers Application Performance Management, Infrastructure Performance Management, Operations Management, Capacity Planning, and Capacity Management. (Read More)

Environments covered include Virtualization Performance Management, Software Defined Data Center Performance Management, and Cloud Performance Management. Key issues include ensuring the performance of virtualized and cloud based data centers, ensuring the performance of software defined data centers (SDDC performance management), ensuring virtualized application performance, cloud application performance, and SDDC application performance. Key vendors covered include VMware, AppDynamics, AppEnsure, AppFirst, AppNeta, Astute Networks, Aternity, BlueStripe, Boundary, Cirba, CloudPhysics, Correlsense, Compuware, Dell, Embotics, ExtraHop, GigaMon, Hotlink, HP, Intigua, ManageEngine, New Relic, Prelert, Puppet Labs, Riverbed, Splunk, Tintri, Virtual Instruments, Virtustream, VMTurbo, Xangati, and Zenoss.

Application Performance Management – Our New Relic Details

We at The Virtualization Practice, practice what we write about, as such we have been monitoring our systems using many of our sponsors tools. One that has helped quite a bit has been New Relic RPM with its End User and Application Server monitoring capabilities as well as its inherent diagnostics to track through what is the root cause of our performance problems. Since we like to keep our website snappy, we constantly monitor for issues and ways to fix them. As such we are not only looking at the application, but our network and storage environments as well.   New Relic RPM however has surprised us quite a few times in what it can tell us. This is where performance monitoring and virtualization security overlap. Continue reading Application Performance Management – Our New Relic Details

VMware Joins the APM Revolution with vFabric Application Performance Manager

In “VMware Articulates a Compelling Management Vision – Automated Service Assurance“, we gave credit to VMware for (finally) articulating why their management stack was going to be different and better than every management stack that we have known and hated in the physical world. That difference was that VMware was going to focus upon automated remediation of problems instead of “monitor, alert, and then fix manually”.

Continue reading VMware Joins the APM Revolution with vFabric Application Performance Manager

Why Is Application Performance Management So Screwed Up?

Ask yourself this very simple set of questions. How many applications does your company have that warrant management on an availability, response time, and integrity of service basis? For how many of those applications do you have a functional Application Performance Management (APM)  solution in place that actually allows you to measure and guarantee availability, response time and integrity of service? Continue reading Why Is Application Performance Management So Screwed Up?

Cloud Performance – Learning from

One of the concerns that many organizations have about putting business critical applications into public clouds is how to ensure the performance and delivered end user experience of those applications. This is an area where the cloud providers need to show some real leadership, and with the exception of have not done so. Continue reading Cloud Performance – Learning from

Confio Addresses a “Dark Corner” in Virtualized Database Performance

Confio Software has for years successfully sold database performance management solutions to DBA’s of Orace, SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase databases. Confio’s Ignite product line uses an agentless architecture to query a comprehensive set of metrics from these databases, allowing DB’s excellent visibility into the true performance of the database – and especially visibility into latency based issues. Continue reading Confio Addresses a “Dark Corner” in Virtualized Database Performance