Network Virtualization

Network virtualization focuses on how vendors apply the principles of sharing, pooling, abstraction, and configuration to the creation and management of networking resources in the enterprise and cloud. It also examines how moving networking configuration and maintenance affects users who rely on virtualized networking services to support environments and applications.

How Will Dell Blend Its SDN Story with Nicira/NSX?

Network VirtualizationThe big story of the last few weeks has been Dell’s $67B acquisition of EMC, and with it, VMware. This is big news for the industry—news that will have ramifications all over the software-defined data centre. One of the most interesting implications is how Dell will reconcile its own SDN strategy with VMwares NSX vision. Do the two work together? VMware paid $1.2B for Nicira. With currently around 400 customers, as reported by VMware, and roughly one in four of those running in production, NSX is a relatively small but highly lucrative gem in the crown jewels of VMware. Dell will want to see something come from that aspect of this acquisition.

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VMware’s NSX Has a Problem

Network VirtualizationOne of the things that seemed clear to me over the last couple of VMworld conferences is that VMware is very committed to NSX. In addition to having NSX as the core of its Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), VMware is also placing NSX in the core of its End User Compute (EUC) offering. I also expect VMware to make NSX a core part of its Photon platform for modern applications. The big challenge is that VMware does not make it easy to become familiar with NSX. For a product that is the core of so many parts of VMware’s roadmap, the NSX software is hard to get a hold of.

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Hyperconverge Your Network Too?

DataCenterVirtualizationIn June, I was in Boston for Virtualization Field Day 5, which was an amazing event. The sponsor presentations are usually awesome. The next best thing about Tech Field Day events is the conversations that you have with other delegates between the presentations. On one trip, Stephen Foskett wondered why none of the hyperconverged vendors has converged networking. All of the hyperconverged vendors use physical Ethernet switches. I spent the next half hour talking with Chris Marget about what the requirements might be and what networking technology might be used.

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VMworld US 2015: Day 5 Recap

vmworld2015Welcome to The Virtualization Practice’s week-long coverage of VMworld US 2015. This is the final installment; see Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3, and Day 4 for additional coverage.

VMworld US 2015 wrapped up yesterday with an abbreviated day of hands-on labs and breakout sessions, many of which were repeats of popular sessions from earlier in the week. The vendor showcase is closed on the last day of VMworld, and the mood is that of a ghost town, with many folks having flown out or using the last day to see some of San Francisco. Regardless, with many people gone, it is an ideal time to do Hands-on Labs without waiting in line.

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