Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization covers VDI (centrally hosted desktops), Desktops as a Service (DaaS), desktop virtualization via client side hypervisors, and shared server technologies. Major areas of focus include when and where centralized desktop offerings are appropriate and not appropriate, (Read More)

how management of remote desktops combined with management of mobile devices leads to a better managed and more productive end user computing environment, how to deliver the performance that end users require, and the impacts of using remote desktop technologies upon organizational security. Covered products and vendors include the VMware Horizon Suite, Horizon View, Horizon Mirage, VMware ThinApp, Citrix XenServer, Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenClient, and Microsoft Remote Data Services.

Parallels Buys 2X Software

DesktopVirtualizationGray-haired desktop virtualization specialists may remember Parallels as the developer of Virtuozzo Containers, a containerized application hosting solution for Windows Server that provides a halfway house between RDSH sessions and full server virtualization. Parallels is back in the desktop virtualization news after having announced its acquisition of 2X Software. This move brings mobile device management, VDI, and RDSH to the company’s current portfolio of Linux and Windows containers, a Type 2 hypervisor for OS X, and service provider–focused web server management tools. In a prepared statement announcing the acquisition, Parallels President Jack Zubarev said, “We see huge synergies with Parallels Access and Parallels Desktop products and are excited about the potential 2X solutions brings to us.”

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NIMBOXX Acquires VERDE VDI Platform from Virtual Bridges

DesktopVirtualizationIn a surprise move, hyperconverged systems startup NIMBOXX has acquired Virtual Bridges’ VERDE VDI platform. NIMBOXX has received some early acclaim for its MeshOS™ hyperconverged appliance. This appliance takes a “simpler is better” approach to converged infrastructure platforms. NIMBOXX claims that customers can be up and running in as little as seven minutes after powering on its appliance. The company’s real business is its KVM-based MeshOS, delivered on a commodity hardware platform, with the business aim of keeping purchasing and installation as simple as possible.

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The Circle of Virtualization: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

DesktopVirtualizationWith half of the first quarter of 2015 already behind us, many IT organizations are in fast-forward mode, making progress on addressing annual projects and goals, including many that involve virtualization. With the plethora of new products and services available, how many of those virtualization projects are based on shifting gears to new vendors or technologies in order to address business and technical requirements? Continue reading The Circle of Virtualization: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

MVP, CTP, vExpert, and More: The Alphabet Soup of Titles

DataCenterVirtualizationAmong technologists, it’s not unusual to see an acronym or two after a person’s name. In some cases, these acronyms refer to certifications, but sometimes, they reflect participation in one or more elite vendor programs. What are the various elite programs, and how does one become invited to participate?

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Citrix Cuts 900 Jobs: How Does That Impact Technical Customers?

citrix100x30Citrix shocked many this week with its announcement of 900 job cuts, 700 of which were full-time employees and 200 contractors. Although quota sales positions will be less impacted than other departments, the overall 10% reduction throughout the company will no doubt impact engineering, product management, support, and other technical groups upon which architects, administrators, and engineers rely to produce and support virtualization products.

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