Recent Announcements: This Is New December 2017

Past and current partners have made a number of end-of-year announcements that have crossed our news desk. Some convey significant changes, others incremental changes. Some even herald complete turnarounds in direction. Starting with this article, we plan to bring you …
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I’m Not in Europe: What Has GDPR Got to Do with Me?

Companies that do not do business in Europe or in any jurisdiction that works with the EU don’t need to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If your company, or any company you provide services for, works …
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Unplanned Obsolescence – Digital Lifespan

Recently, the xkcd comic (https://xkcd.com/1909/) mentioned digital lifespan with a pithy comment about digital resources disappearing quickly. This is quite prevalent in the project to restore NASA records from Apollo missions, such as LOIRP. NASA participated in unplanned obsolescence as …
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Data Protection Coverage: Anti-Ransomware

Since ransomware is a crucial topic, phase 3 of our Data Protection Coverage report delves into anti-ransomware technologies. The disaster recovery and business continuity software used within an enterprise is in a unique position, one that allows easy detection of …
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Catastrophes during the VMworld Tour of 2017

Between the start of VMworld Las Vegas and the end of VMworld Barcelona, several tragic catastrophes occurred. Their names will live on, throughout time, in infamy. These catastrophes are Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Jose. Then within a few …
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