Data Center Virtualization

Data Center Virtualization covers virtualizing servers, networks, and storage delivering server consolidation, CAPEX savings, IT agility, and improved management. Major areas of focus include the tradeoffs between various virtualization platforms (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Red Hat KVM), the evolution of hypervisors into data center management platforms, (Read More)

VMware’s Software Defined Data Center strategy, and how the SDDC is spurring innovation in storage, networking and server hardware. Covered vendors indlude VMware, Microsoft, Red Hat, CloudPhysics, Hotlink, Tintri, and VMTurbo.

Dell PowerEdge FX2 Converged Architecture


Dell PowerEdge FX
Dell PowerEdge FX

The Dell PowerEdge FX2 is a 2U rackmount blade chassis with a common infrastructure allowing servers and storage to share power, cooling, network switching, and chassis management. When it was announced last fall, there were two options: the FC630 two-socket, half-width Xeon blade, and the FM120x4, an Intel Atom–based microserver option. Dell quietly started shipping two additional modules this week. The FC430 is a two-socket, quarter-width Xeon blade, allowing up to eight servers in the FX2, for a total of 224 cores. The FD332 is a direct-attached disk module that contains up to two RAID controllers and sixteen 2.5-inch drives, assignable to the compute nodes inside the FX2.

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How Do You Data Protect?

VirtualizationBackupIn our ongoing quest to determine how our readers use cloud technologies, our second poll is now available: Which Type of Data Protection Service(s) Do You Use? This poll’s goal is to determine how data protection fits into your organization’s use of the cloud, if it does at all. There are many cloud-based tools for data protection, as well as many integrations between data protection vendors and cloud service providers. We’d like to know if these tools are being used, and if they are, which ones. Continue reading How Do You Data Protect?

A Moment of Complete Mobile Reality with Andi Mann

DesktopVirtualizationAndi Mann is the VP of strategic solutions at CA Technologies. He has had a long and storied career history, which we discuss in episode 15 of our Virtualization EUC Podcast, starting from his automating himself out of his first job. In this podcast, he focuses on DevOps, then branches out to mobility, wearables, and augmented reality.

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Different Approaches to the Cloud

DataCenterVirtualizationMicrosoft and VMware have been, in my opinion, two companies in direct competition with each other during their respective journeys to the cloud. VMware started first, paving the way for virtualization in corporate data centers. One could argue that once VMware demonstrated success with virtualization running corporate critical systems, Microsoft decided to go all in developing its virtualization strategy. Once the Microsoft juggernaut gets released, it seems there is no way to stop or even slow down the Microsoft machine.

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Chris Fleck: Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

DesktopVirtualizationI had a chance to speak with Chris Fleck, Citrix’s VP of mobility solutions and associated alliances, for episode 14 of our Virtualization EUC Podcast a while back. Our conversation focused on mobility, naturally. Talk revolved around some of Citrix’s newer acquisitions, such as Zenprise, which is an MDM solution for managing apps and data, not just devices.

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