Data Center Virtualization

Data Center Virtualization covers virtualizing servers, networks, and storage delivering server consolidation, CAPEX savings, IT agility, and improved management. Major areas of focus include the tradeoffs between various virtualization platforms (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Red Hat KVM), the evolution of hypervisors into data center management platforms, (Read More)

VMware’s Software Defined Data Center strategy, and how the SDDC is spurring innovation in storage, networking and server hardware. Covered vendors indlude VMware, Microsoft, Red Hat, CloudPhysics, Hotlink, Tintri, and VMTurbo.

Who Will Debug?

DataCenterVirtualizationThere is a growing push for people to learn less about the systems in which they run their applications. It started with converged infrastructures and moved into hyperconverged, and now I see it continue to grow with Docker and other container technologies. This puzzles me. While it makes the developer’s life easier, does it really make anyone else’s life easier? Do we really need to consider the stack anymore? Continue reading Who Will Debug?

Is a Privatized Citrix in the Cards?


Elliott Management has a plan for Citrix. Shake out sales and marketing, sell GoTo and NetScaler, dump the dead wood, and shut down all blue-sky research. There has been no response yet from Citrix beyond a brief note to say “we’ll get back to you on that,” but you can bet that CEO Mark Templeton will not look favorably on the proposal. Regardless of how Templeton feels, with Elliott in play, Citrix has to make changes. What, then, are the choices that Citrix can make?

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Sauron, I Mean Cisco, Buys Piston Cloud

CloudComputingCloud computing is starting to come of age. It has fundamentally altered the IT landscape, dramatically boosting IT agility while lowering costs. What started out as a side project for companies like VMware has led to the proliferation of cloud providers and stacks from IaaS providers based on OpenStack, PaaS providers like Cloud Foundry, and SaaS providers like Dropbox and Salesforce.

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News: Carbon Nanotube Memory Developer Nantero Closes $31.5M Funding Round

DataCenterVirtualizationA new high-speed memory technology from stealthy startup Nantero is one step closer to reshaping data center storage. Nantero announced on Tuesday, June 2, that it had closed a $31.5 million series E financing round, bringing funding up to a total of $78 million and opening the door to further development and future volume production of its carbon nanotube storage technology. Nantero, which has been quietly working on its carbon nanotube storage since 2001 and has been in low-volume production since 2004, is making big claims for its technology.

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Flash, Ah-ahh, Savior of the Data Center

DataCenterVirtualizationFlash is taking over the world. With prices falling, we are now at a tipping point where flash is the leader rather than the upsell in new storage acquisitions for the data center. However, opinions differ regarding where this flash should be inserted. There are three main sides to this argument, and at the base of it all, it comes down to where you believe your performance point should be.

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