Data Center Virtualization

Data Center Virtualization covers virtualizing servers, networks, and storage delivering server consolidation, CAPEX savings, IT agility, and improved management. Major areas of focus include the tradeoffs between various virtualization platforms (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Red Hat KVM), the evolution of hypervisors into data center management platforms, (Read More)

VMware’s Software Defined Data Center strategy, and how the SDDC is spurring innovation in storage, networking and server hardware. Covered vendors indlude VMware, Microsoft, Red Hat, CloudPhysics, Hotlink, Tintri, and VMTurbo.

VMworld, The Consolidation Continues. What has happened to the Class of 2008

DataCenterVirtualizationIt is that time of the year again, VMworld Europe is looming and this year unfortunately I will not be able to attend. However whilst I was clearing out my office cupboards I found my VMworld 2008 program guide, I felt a feeling of nostalgia lay over me, as this was my very first VMworld that I attended. So with a cup of tea, a comfortable chair, and a penguin biscuit, I began a reminiscing session. As I flicked though the VMworld guide with first the sessions and I eventually arriving at the Sponsors and exhibitors sections. It was while perusing this section I noticed that there was a number of vendors that have either been snapped up by bigger partners or disappeared altogether, for example both HP and EDS were sponsors of VMworld 2008 and now HP owns EDS. This got me to thinking about consolidation in the market place in general, as there have been a number of major announcements recently regarding acquisitions for example Dell have snapped up Wyse, Quest and VMware have just splashed the cash on Wanova and Nicira two companies that did not even exist in 2008 . Continue reading VMworld, The Consolidation Continues. What has happened to the Class of 2008

VMworld 2012 – Horizon Mobile (Application Management)

VMworld2012150x27If Mobile Device Management (MDM) vendors needed any further notice this entire technology category is defunct, then VMware has kindly obliged, finally making good on its promise to offer a viable mobile virtualization platform with the announcement at VMworld 2012 of Horizon Mobile iOS. Continue reading VMworld 2012 – Horizon Mobile (Application Management)

VMworld 2012: A Contrarian Position on VMware’s New Licensing Model

VMworld2012150x27Given the level of applause that greeted the announcement of VMware’s new pricing model, I know this will open me up to criticism, but was the old VMware licensing model really all that bad? It certainly wasn’t perfect, and there’s an awful alot to like about the new model, but was the old license pricing model so bad that it could only be fixed by ripping it up and replacing it with something so very different? Continue reading VMworld 2012: A Contrarian Position on VMware’s New Licensing Model

VMworld 2012: First Thoughts and Observations

VMworld2012150x27Now that VMworld 2012 is well under way I wanted to share some of my first thoughts and observations about the conference.  At the start of the conference, during the first General Session, the virtual passing of the torch from the outgoing CEO, Paul Maritz, to the new incoming CEO, Pat Gelsinger, took place with Mr. Gelsinger getting the opportunity to say hello to a crowd of around twenty thousand people that are present at the show. I would like to salute Mr. Maritz for the great job he has done during his tenure as CEO of VMware and I am looking forward seeing the direction Mr. Gelsinger will take now that he has the reigns.  On an interesting note, Mr. Gelsinger was one of the keynote speakers at VMworld 2007 when he was at Intel and one year before Mr. Maritz took over as VMware’s CEO. Continue reading VMworld 2012: First Thoughts and Observations