Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization covers application layering and application delivery approaches like streaming applications, and local application virtualization. Infrastructure as a Service focuses upon isolating the operating system from its underlying hardware and allowing multiple instances of operating systems to share that underlying hardware. Application Virtualization focuses upon isolating application from their underlying operating systems. (Read More)

This make it unnecessary to install applications into operating systems, makes it easier to update new versions of applications, and breaks the dependencies between versions of applications and the specific versions of operating systems. Popular application virtualization offerings include Microsoft App-V, VMware ThinApp, and the XenApp Plugin for Hosted and Streaming applications.

XenApp/XenDesktop + NetScaler Gateway or … ?

ApplicationVirtualizationCitrix has tightly coupled NetScaler with XenApp/XenDesktop, inducing users to look no further than NetScaler for gateway functionality. Between NetScaler Gateway’s complexity and cost, will conditions encourage third-party vendors to try to wedge their way into the Citrix gateway/load balancer/delivery controller market? Continue reading XenApp/XenDesktop + NetScaler Gateway or … ?

The Logic of FSLogix

ApplicationVirtualizationApplications are one of the most complex aspects of virtualization because of the uniqueness of each environment. While most vendors have focused on testing, diagnosing, and/or packaging applications in order to determine suitability and to create workarounds necessary for implementation, FSLogix has taken a refreshingly unique approach.

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Why Virtualized Email Is Safer than ActiveSync Email on Your Personal Devices

ApplicationVirtualizationIf you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that you own a smartphone and maybe a tablet or two and that you use ActiveSync to retrieve your corporate email through your personal devices. But did you know that both you and your Exchange administrator have the ability to remote wipe not only your email but your entire device? Continue reading Why Virtualized Email Is Safer than ActiveSync Email on Your Personal Devices

Citrix Releases XenApp / XenDesktop 7.6: Will XenApp Administrators Transition?

ApplicationVirtualizationJust in time to create a stir during VMworld, Citrix has announced XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6, which had been called Project Arthur internally. Although version 7.6 will not be available until next month, it has taken Citrix more than a year to achieve feature parity for it with XenApp 6.5. In addition to finally making the expected features available, Citrix has also integrated a few new HDX features into the new release.

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Insight Services: The Virtual Virtualization Assistant

ApplicationVirtualizationEasy, fast, and free. These three words aren’t typically associated with Citrix, but in the case of Insight Services, Citrix has provided an automated way to analyze multiple Citrix products and provide suggestions and best practices to improve your environment—for free! It gets better: The analysis typically takes only a few minutes, and this isn’t just a one-time or limited-time offer.

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