Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization covers application layering and application delivery approaches like streaming applications, and local application virtualization. Infrastructure as a Service focuses upon isolating the operating system from its underlying hardware and allowing multiple instances of operating systems to share that underlying hardware. Application Virtualization focuses upon isolating application from their underlying operating systems. (Read More)

This make it unnecessary to install applications into operating systems, makes it easier to update new versions of applications, and breaks the dependencies between versions of applications and the specific versions of operating systems. Popular application virtualization offerings include Microsoft App-V, VMware ThinApp, and the XenApp Plugin for Hosted and Streaming applications.

Chromebook / Chromebox for XenApp 6.5

ApplicationVirtualizationCitrix recently announced that the newly released Receiver for Chrome 1.5 now supports Web Interface 5.4. While that may not seem significant at first, let’s revisit what has changed with Chromebook, as well as with Chromebox, in the interim and take a look at the impact on business adoption. This new combination changes the cost and complexity of virtualization for XenApp 6.5 shops in particular.

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Improving the Citrix User Interface and Experience

ApplicationVirtualizationCitrix released version 4.2 of Receiver for Windows this week. Ordinarily, new releases of Citrix Receiver aren’t all that noteworthy, but there are a few key features in this release that enhance the user interface and experience. Citrix totally got it right with this release!

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AppStream: Amazon’s Answer to Azure RemoteApp

ApplicationVirtualizationWhen Amazon launched AppStream alongside its Desktop-as-a-Service platform WorkSpaces last year, it didn’t get much attention compared to the scene-stealing DaaS platform. However, a year later, with WorkSpaces slow to get its bits together, AppStream may have a better chance of mainstream success. Continue reading AppStream: Amazon’s Answer to Azure RemoteApp

XenApp 7.x: Virtual Reality

ApplicationVirtualizationBack in January when Citrix announced that it would be reintroducing XenApp, many cheered. They were delighted that Citrix was finally acknowledging that virtual applications weren’t facing extinction or playing second fiddle to virtual desktops. After all, XenDesktop had been constantly hammered into our brains by Citrix, and there had been little mention of the beloved XenApp name. Continue reading XenApp 7.x: Virtual Reality