Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization covers application layering and application delivery approaches like streaming applications, and local application virtualization. Infrastructure as a Service focuses upon isolating the operating system from its underlying hardware and allowing multiple instances of operating systems to share that underlying hardware. Application Virtualization focuses upon isolating application from their underlying operating systems. (Read More)

This make it unnecessary to install applications into operating systems, makes it easier to update new versions of applications, and breaks the dependencies between versions of applications and the specific versions of operating systems. Popular application virtualization offerings include Microsoft App-V, VMware ThinApp, and the XenApp Plugin for Hosted and Streaming applications.

RES IT Store: More of a Store Than a StoreFront

ApplicationVirtualizationIn February of this year, RES Software introduced its IT Store product, which at first glance looked (and sounded) like an application similar to Citrix’s StoreFront. However, once you scratch the surface, IT Store appears to be a lot more than just a pretty front end to some installed or streamed applications; it’s a full IT service workflow that allows IT to deliver applications and services to the end user when needed and without manual intervention. The clue’s in the name: not a storefront, but a full store. Continue reading RES IT Store: More of a Store Than a StoreFront

Application/Desktop Virtualization: The Big Three and … ?

ApplicationVirtualizationWhen you think of application or desktop virtualization, you likely think about “The Big Three”: Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, VMware Horizon View, and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. Without a doubt, these three vendors comprise the majority of the mindshare and market share.

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Why Microsoft Might Just End Up Owning the Future

DataCenterVirtualizationThe past two years have seen an arms race at the high end of the virtualization arena. The biggest players in the space have competed furiously to add features and capabilities to their combined platform offerings, either by swallowing up smaller companies or investing heavily in product development. MDM, DaaS, hybrid cloud, profile management, application virtualization, application publishing, cloud orchestration—the largest competitors in the virtualization space have either provided, or are looking to provide, these and many more features.

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Mark Templeton and Citrix: The End of an Era at Citrix Synergy

ApplicationVirtualizationFor those who listened to the Citrix Synergy keynote on May 6, it was impossible not to hear the crackling in Mark Templeton’s voice at various times throughout the program. Mark normally is all smiles and excitement at Synergy with ample strength in his voice, but knowing that this will be his last Synergy event clearly had an impact.

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Citrix Receiver X1: Say Goodbye to the Teal Bubbles!

ApplicationVirtualizationCitrix XenApp/XenDesktop users have survived many iterations of Citrix client software. From the original ICA Client all the way to Citrix Receiver, this little piece of client software has made a major difference in the user experience over the years. Some versions of the Citrix client were more painful than others (remember trying to automate the upgrade from v3.4?), and some features that we found useful were deprecated (remember being able to right-click the Citrix icon in the taskbar and see all your apps?), but most would agree that the demise of the teal bubbles is most welcomed.

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