Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization covers application layering and application delivery approaches like streaming applications, and local application virtualization. Infrastructure as a Service focuses upon isolating the operating system from its underlying hardware and allowing multiple instances of operating systems to share that underlying hardware. Application Virtualization focuses upon isolating application from their underlying operating systems. (Read More)

This make it unnecessary to install applications into operating systems, makes it easier to update new versions of applications, and breaks the dependencies between versions of applications and the specific versions of operating systems. Popular application virtualization offerings include Microsoft App-V, VMware ThinApp, and the XenApp Plugin for Hosted and Streaming applications.

Do You Have a Workspace?

DesktopVirtualizationWhat do you give to the person who has everything? You give them somewhere to keep it. In this post-PC era, we need to provide our users with one place to go to find all of their IT resources. Ten years ago, there were two things that were going to save IT: single sign-on and portals. Neither really did what we wanted, but times have changed. Now we have the workspace category, which combines the two. A workspace is really about bringing access to all your resources to wherever you happen to be.

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Citrix: The Impact of Bob Calderoni’s Operational Announcements

CloudComputingLate Tuesday, November 17, Citrix provided a public operational review update. The short summary is that the GoTo products will be spun off into an independent business, Citrix is focusing on its core competencies, and 1,000 people have been laid off. Having talked to a few people at Citrix, I know that these are challenging times.

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“Mobility Is a Revolution about People, Not Technology,” Says Chris Reed

DesktopVirtualizationChristopher Reed, the Sigma practice manager for mobility and EUC, is our guest on Citrixgurl’s Virtualization EUC Podcast episode 19. He is responsible for the direction, design, and methodology that is implemented at Sigma customer sites.

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