Agile Cloud Development

Agile Cloud Development focuses the aspects of agile development that integrate with cloud computing SaaS and PaaS environments including DevOps, Scrum, XP, and Kanban. (Read More)

Major areas of focus include the Agile Development process and the pitfalls many companies encounter trying to implement it, the DevOps process and the pitfalls associated with its implementation. the organizational aspects of successfully implementing Agile Development and DevOps and the new tools that should be used to support Agile Development and DevOps processes. Covered toolsets include Agile Project Management, Continuous Integration, and Automated Deployment.

Is DevOps What Organizations Really Seek?

agilecloudDevOps has risen in popularity over past twelve to eighteen months to the point that most enterprises are either practicing something they call DevOps or are at least exploring how they can leverage DevOps to be more agile. The problem companies are having with DevOps is that it is not really a thing that comes with instructions or a framework that is prescriptive in nature. DevOps is instead a shift in the way we approach building software and even running a company. The age-old way has been more factory oriented, where software went from inception to production by passing through various silos of specialists (developers, testers, security experts, system administrators, operations, etc.). Continue reading Is DevOps What Organizations Really Seek?

Taking DevOps to the Next Level

agilecloudI have seen many DevOps initiatives at various levels of maturity. One common pattern in successful ones is that they have made progress in automating the build process or the provisioning of environments. Both of these accomplishments are necessary and worthy of focus, but the efforts don’t stop there. The following is a list of things to consider that can take your DevOps initiative to the next level.

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The Hidden Benefits of DevOps

agilecloudDevOps is gaining serious momentum within enterprises as of late. The big business driver is the pursuit of agility and improved reliability and quality. Adopting DevOps can be challenging because it often requires drastic changes in culture, process, and technology. Those companies that have had success with DevOps often discover some hidden benefits that they may not have anticipated when they started their journey.

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All It Takes Is One IF Clause (Santa Clause)

agilecloudAs we wind our way deeper into the holiday season, I am reminded that all it takes is one IF clause to ruin your day. Or even to ruin your holiday, if a change was made during a continuous integration cycle. Just because we can speed up and automate tasks does not mean we always should. A case in point is the work I do writing a high-performance computing package—not Hadoop, but one that was developed by several folks for a specific bit of work that occurs billions of times a day. A fully threaded application that is massive in scale for this company, it is the fastest package in the company’s industry, and this customers lifeblood. Continue reading All It Takes Is One IF Clause (Santa Clause)

So You Want to Move that Application to the Cloud?

agilecloudI was recently asked how a specialized application could be moved to the cloud. The vendor went to a group of folks who claimed to put applications in the cloud and basically never heard back from them. Why? Most cloud providers want tenants to do most if not all of the work of moving their applications into the cloud. When providers do offer consulting to help you move your applications, it is either very expensive or not very good. Why is this the case? The simple answer is that the cloud provider does not know your application and therefore first has to learn it. So, how can you move your applications to the cloud?  Continue reading So You Want to Move that Application to the Cloud?