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Quick Look at Some of the VMware Acquisitions and Developments for the Cloud

The stock market was taking a severe beating today except I notice that VMware (VMW) was trading over $100 per share for an increase today of around 2% when I checked and started this post.  I found that to be interesting and starting looking for a possible reason why.

VMware has been very busy lately and continues to grow financially year after year.  At the end of the first quarter of 2011 VMware’s revenue was up 33% already.  This leaves VMware with somewhere around $1.3 billion in cash to help broaden its overall appeal to investors as well as to market VMware’s vision of the cloud.

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VMware Buys Zimbra from Yahoo – Moves Up the Stack into Applications

VMware is acquiring Zimbra, an open source messaging and collaboration suite from Yahoo. This appears to be an extension of the same thinking that lead to the acquisition of SpringSource – specifically a desire on the part of senior VMware management to (with SpringSource) move into enabling virtualization aware custom applications, and apparently now with Zimbra providing a common horizontal application suite (messaging and collaboration) in a virtualization aware manner.

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