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Open Sorcerer, XenServer Ambassador—Tim Mackey Speaks from the Citrix Mother Ship

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Mackey on the User Experience Podcast, Episode 8.

Tim has been with Citrix for ten years and has been working with XenServer exclusively since 2009. Our conversation revolves around what the XenServer density capabilities are. There has been an ongoing conflict between density stories about Citrix and VMware. The way Citrix defines it centers around how many VMs Citrix “supports” vs. how much VM density can actually be achieved. These are two very separate things in the Citrite dictionary. Tim goes into the actual numbers in our conversation, so if you are interested in hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth, I encourage you to listen to the podcast.

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Xen Founders Leave Citrix to Tackle Cloud Security Woes

At Citrix Synergy 2011 in San Francisco, last month, Simon Crosby made the case that the biggest barrier to the adoption of service-provider offered cloud services is the understandable lack of trust on the part of enterprise customers. Well it looks as if he and fellow Xen luminary Ian Pratt have decided to do something about that lack of trust and are moving on from Citrix to address the problem at its source. Ian and Simon announced today that they are both leaving Citrix and taking key roles along with with Gaurav Banga (the creator of Phoenix Hyperspace) as co-founders of cloud security start-up Bromium.

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