Transforming Desktops: PC Lifecycle Management

Personal Computer Life-cycle Management (PCLM) is set of processes which manage end-user devices transforming desktops from procurement to sunset. A well developed methodology will cover all aspects of architecture, procurement, management and decommissioning of end user devices.


Virtualizing Internet Explorer: Microsoft Takes The Ball and Goes Home

There is great outrage to Microsoft’s reluctance to play ball and support virtualization of IE. Without an alternative, the solutions offered by Microsoft are expensive, cumbersome and difficult to maintain. Virtualising the application may well allow different browser versions to co-exist – but the user-experience can be cumbersome with links to other applications not always launching the correct browser and users having to know which browser to choose. Unibrows offers an interesting alternative utilising isolation to support the deployment of different controls and centralisation to allow management and control and importantly wrapped up in what sounds like a very appealing cost.


News: Windows 7 Migration for Enterprise Desktops Made Easy with Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity

Today, Liquidware Labs has announced a specific focus upon assisting with the migration from either Windows XP or Windows Vista to Windows 7. This focus applies to all of the possible resulting deployment scenarios for Windows 7 (physical desktop, client side hypervisor, centralized VDI, or layered).