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VirtuAll User Environment Manager Released

About 18 months ago fellow Citrix Technology Professional Pierre Marmignon realized that there was a gap in the market for a simple robust user environment management solution that could remove the continual nightmare of managing complex Windows logon scripts and user environment settings in virtual desktop environments. Skip forward to today and Pierre has just announced the release of VirtuAll User Environment Manager (VUEM), and it is excellent.

It’s clear looking at VUEM that Pierre understands the requirements of both small and large enterprise organizations. Everything about VUEM is direct, to the point, a tool designed for and by system administrators who know what they want to do and just need a tool to help them do it. VUEM is simple to install and configure, you can be up and working with it literally in a few minutes and can deploy it into production in a couple of days. Yet at the same time is highly scalable and includes features that are essential for the needs of administrators of large enterprise environments. VUEM has been validated on environments containing up to 10,000 users, and there’s no reason to think that it could not scale past that in the right hands.

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