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VNXe More than Just Storage

In my article entitled EMC VNXe Spurs Thinking Outside the Box I discussed the possibility of combining several EMC technologies to make a Forensic’s security appliance. This has spurred even further thoughts on this new and revolutionary approach to storage. The possibilities are pretty endless given the ability to ‘refactor’ physical components into virtual components that will run within the VNXe (and for that matter the entire VNX family of products). Granted, some of these ideas need to wait for devices that will work with the add on slot in the back of the VNX controllers: FC or FCoE anyone? But for what else can we use VNXe?

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Virtualization Security Technologies… Pushing the Envelope

During the Virtualization Security Podcast on 5/13, IBM’s David Abercrombie joined us to discuss IBM’s Virtualization Security Protection for VMware (VSP) which contains several exciting uses of the VMsafe API for VMware vSphere. These being:

  • Network: Network Monitoring, Firewall, Access Control, and a Protocol Analysis Module
  • Memory: Rootkit Detection

This lead me to start to think of how the existing vendors are pushing the Introspection APIs such as VMsafe to their current limits. So what is being done with the Introspection APIs? Many of these technologies are listed within the End to End Virtualization Security Whitepaper. Yet, there are some new use cases to consider.

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