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Virtualization Security Announcements: Architecture Concerns

There have been a large number of Announcements that have been made for VMworld Copenhagen with respect to virtualization and cloud security. This shows quite an interesting growth in the market, and that even 1 month apart there is still more to be announced within the virtual and cloud security spaces. There are three very interesting announcements that show further integration between vendors. Continue reading Virtualization Security Announcements: Architecture Concerns

VMworld EMEA, IPExpo, The ExecEvent, Citrix Synergy, oh my!

This month (October 2011) there are a slew of conferences on virtualization and cloud technologies being held in Europe. The question becomes which to attend! If you are in the United States, this could be expensive considering the current Euro to Dollar exchange rate but if you are already in Europe one of these events is well worth attending, each has there own take and focus.  But after the success of VMworld US, is there anything more to announce? Continue reading VMworld EMEA, IPExpo, The ExecEvent, Citrix Synergy, oh my!

VMware’s Roadmap to the post-PC Future

Despite introducing IT to the acronym VDI, VMware has always had to take second place to Citrix in the battle for technical and market dominance in this rapidly growing segment of the enterprise desktop. Difficulties in setting appropriate expectations regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the Teradici sourced PC-over-IP remote display protocol and VMware’s own View Local Mode, coupled with a strategic decision to tether View back to VMware’s vSphere hypervisor as part of a move to bolster vSphere’s lead in the data center  have made View a difficult proposition for many potential buyers. Missed release dates and the failure to ship the RTO sourced Persona Management components needed to make View 4.5 a viable Enterprise-level platform further slowed VMware’s momentum, leaving VMware to take a defensive position as it competed with Citrix over market share.

Of late though, VMware has seen more success with View, especially in the small to mid-market, where independent surveys suggest that View sales are keeping pace with (some say exceeding) those of XenDesktop. Continue reading VMware’s Roadmap to the post-PC Future

Citrix VDI-in-a-Box vs XenDesktop – does size matter?

Just in time for the major desktop virtualisation event known as VMworld, Citrix have announced the release of XenDesktop 5.5 as part of their desktop virtualisation trifecta. This latest release is truly an advanced and feature rich VDI solution, but it is not the only VDI offering Citrix has. Continue reading Citrix VDI-in-a-Box vs XenDesktop – does size matter?

The Start of VMworld 2011

VMworld 2011 has finally arrived as the expected crowd of about 20,000 arrived in Las Vegas for the event.  The temperature is a broiling 110* and sunny. Today is Monday August 29, and the official start of the conference, but the vExperts had the opportunity to attend a special briefing, before the show, that focused on VMware’s vision for the future.  Following the briefing, there was a couple of options for the evening from the vDodgeball game to the warm-up party. I attended the vmunderground warm-up party as a service (WuPaaS.Next) at the Nine Fine Irishmen Pub.  These guys have been throwing the pre-party for the last few VMworlds and what started as a tweet-up as turned into a major event in itself.  So popular, in fact, that all the tickets were gone in seconds.  Big thanks to Theron Conrey, Sean Clark, Rich Brambley and Brain Knudtson for making this happen.  The turkey legs they served were fabulous.

Continue reading The Start of VMworld 2011

Countdown to Launch

Friday was the day that the last space shuttle will be launch in to space.  The shuttle Atlantis is on the launch pad and ready to go.  As I watched the clock countdown to zero, I found myself reflecting on the idea that this launch will be the very last space shuttle flight.  I grew up in Florida and have been able to walk outside and watch the shuttles, over the years, launch into space.  I have enjoyed watching the launches as well as feeling the sonic booms when the shuttle would fly overhead on the way to the runway for touchdown.  For me and many others, this launch signifies the end of an era and the start of something new. Continue reading Countdown to Launch