Takeaways from VMworld 2016

My thoughts and take away’s from the VMworld 2016 Conference at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada. First let me say that Las Vegas knows how to really cater and the conference food this year was an absolute joy and a succulent treat when in comparison to the past years the conference has been in San Francisco. No box lunches this year and that was such a “huge” change that the conference food gets the first shout out about the conference.


Time for the Annual Pilgrimage: VMworld 2016

Time for the annual pilgrimage, although this year is a little different in that the destination this year is The Mandala Bay Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada for VMworld 2016. After several years of San Francisco hosting the pilgrimage, we finally get a change of scenery. With the change of scenery this year, comes some changes in the advice for this year.