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My Collective Thoughts about VMworld 2016

It has now been a couple of weeks since VMworld 2016 came to a close in Las Vegas, Nevada and a few weeks before VMworld EU 2016 goes to Barcelona. That has given me some time to ponder my collective thoughts about VMworld 2016 and reflect on what I saw, as well as what I heard, during that week in Vegas. I have to say, my biggest takeaway was that 2016 was the year when VMworld seemed to have more of a vibe about network and storage virtualization.

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It’s the Lead-Up to VMworld Barcelona

VMworld Las Vegas 2016 could not have come at a worse time for California-based VMware, just before the September 7 nuptials of its New England parent, EMC, and the Texan Dell.

Many are saying, as usual, that the writing is on the wall for VMware: that is has lost its way, that is it the IBM of the Millennial generation. Watching from afar (the less said about being afar the better, but at least my back is healing) offers a slightly different perspective. Not being dazzled by the bright lights of the conference or being subsumed into the cacophony means that you can more clearly see the chaff from the corn and perhaps discern a direction in what at first seems nothing but white noise.

VMworld Barcelona 2016

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Takeaways from VMworld 2016

Here are my thoughts and takeaways from VMworld 2016 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. First, let me say that Las Vegas really knows how to cater. The conference food was an absolute joy and a succulent treat, especially compared to prior conferences in San Francisco. No box lunches this year—and that was such a huge change that the conference food gets the first shout-out.

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VMware Shows a Way Forward

Now that VMworld is over, it is time to digest everything we learned: to pick at the messaging for the kernel of truths and directions. Many found the VMworld keynotes to be somewhat bland and the show floor to be much of the same. However, there was gold within both. We can discuss the show floor later, as I’d like to look deeper at the messaging first. The gold was hard to put together amid all the different messages. Themes included cross-cloud, Photon, NSX, and VSAN. These may seem disjointed until you look deeper. The messaging could be better, and I expect it to improve by VMworld Barcelona. Yet, there was clearly a path forward for each of VMware’s customers.

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VMworld 2016 Kicks Off

VMworld 2016 has officially begun, kicking off with Pat Gelsinger’s keynote presentation at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Some events have been taking place over the weekend, but I consider the keynote to be the true starting point of the event. This year, the Solution Exchange welcome reception was held the night before the keynote address, which is a little earlier than VMworld usually schedules it. Several interesting points and takeaways from Pat Gelsinger’s keynote address are worth mentioning.

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