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VMworld, The Consolidation Continues. What has happened to the Class of 2008

It is that time of the year again, VMworld Europe is looming and this year unfortunately I will not be able to attend. However whilst I was clearing out my office cupboards I found my VMworld 2008 program guide, I felt a feeling of nostalgia lay over me, as this was my very first VMworld that I attended. So with a cup of tea, a comfortable chair, and a penguin biscuit, I began a reminiscing session. As I flicked though the VMworld guide with first the sessions and I eventually arriving at the Sponsors and exhibitors sections. It was while perusing this section I noticed that there was a number of vendors that have either been snapped up by bigger partners or disappeared altogether, for example both HP and EDS were sponsors of VMworld 2008 and now HP owns EDS. This got me to thinking about consolidation in the market place in general, as there have been a number of major announcements recently regarding acquisitions for example Dell have snapped up Wyse, Quest and VMware have just splashed the cash on Wanova and Nicira two companies that did not even exist in 2008 .

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