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Some Thoughts on the Last Decade and 2011 in Review

I cannot believe the month of December is almost upon us.  Every year around this time I like to reflect upon the year and give my review and remarks.  This is a special year for me because it was around this time a decade ago that I was introduced to a cool new technology called virtualization from this neat new product called VMware Workstation. It was a magical moment when I first discovered the ability to run multiple operating systems, at the same time, on a single computer.  I remember this moment well because it was true love at first install.  Within a year I was playing with VMware ESX Server 1.5 and was given my first virtualization proof of concept that was followed by my first production design and deployment. The rest, as they say, is history as well as an amazing ride. On to 2011 in Review.

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Virtualization Backup: Agent or Agent-less?

Many times we virtualization experts push for backups without the agents as these backups tend to be in our opinion, cleaner and faster. But what if you could get the benefits of your existing backup tools (such as Tivoli) but gain the power and advantages of using all the possibilities within the virtual environment. For VMware vSphere this is possible using the Pancetera backup tools.

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Virtualization Backup Round-up

With VMworld around the corner, it is interesting to note the new and old players within the Virtualization Backup space. The virtualization backup space often includes:

  • VM Backup
  • VM Replication
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
  • Storage Hardware Replication

Virtualization Backup includes pretty much anything that will maintain your VMs while allowing your data to be placed elsewhere for later retrieval; such a place could even be the cloud. In this article we will avoid Storage Hardware Replication and discuss only backup software.

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Quest + Vizioncore + Surgient = A Virtualization Management Gorilla?

The acquisition of Surgient plus the imminent folding of Vizioncore into Quest itself (as opposed to Vizioncore being an “independent subsidiary”) puts Quest fully into the Virtualization Management fray. So we will shortly see the Surgient Private Cloud Management assets combined with the full Foglight Performance Management assets and the rest of the Vizioncore product suite into what will probably be the single most formidable third party virtualization management offering.

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Virtualization Backup Security still Missing the Mark

During the Virtualization Security Podcast on 7/8, Vizioncore’s Thomas Bryant joined us to discuss the state of virtualization backup security and forensic use of such backups. In the world of virtualization, backups are performed mostly by 4 distinct vendors: VMware Data Recovery (VDR) and VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB), Vizioncore vRanger, Veeam, and PHD Virtual Backup for vSphere. Each of these provide the most basic of security capabilities:

  • Encrypted tunnels for data movement (SSL)
  • Encryption of the backup

But in the increasing global nature of businesses and the difference in privacy laws between townships, states, and the need for Secure Multi-Tenancy, backup companies fall short with their products while making it increasing harder to use backups as a source of forensically sound data.

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What is in a name?

I subscribe to the it is a UK based Tech  News website.  Why do I tell you this, well in a recent mailshot they highlighted an interesting article on Dixons.  For those that are not in the know, Dixon’s in a UK based electronics retail group, they own the popular PC world and Curry’s brands too, by now you are most likely trying to figure out my reasoning for this post.  Well it is simple within the article it mentions that Dixon’s AKA the rather catchy DSGi are changing their business name to Dixons Retail PLC, because they want to:

“harness the strength of the Dixons name and to reflect the resurgence of the company.  The Dixons name resonates strongly with suppliers, the market, and colleagues in a way that DSG international has not been able to”.

So what has this got to do with virtualization I hear you say, simple,  companies change their name all the time.  They rebrand their products to make it “shiny and new” or to reflect a change in corporate direction. For example, think of PHD and their recent re-branding of esXpress to PHD Virtual Backup for VMware ESX to reflect that they will shortly have a XenServer based product called PHD Virtual Backup for Citrix XenServer (or for the more cynical of your amongst the readers, due to the  fact Citrix is now a major investor and did not like the fact that the flagship product contained the name of their primary competitor in the Hypervisor market).

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