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Can You Define the Cloud?

Can you define the cloud? Have you ever had a conversation with family or friends who do not work in technology and tried to explain or define what you do? Better yet, when you’ve had these kinds of discussions, have you asked what the other person thinks the cloud is? What kinds of answers did you get? “The Cloud” is one of the biggest marketing terms used in the twenty-first century, so shouldn’t everyone have at least a basic understanding of its definition?

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Docker: What Is It? Hint: It’s Not a Harbour Worker

There is a lot of buzz about a “new” technology called Docker. I say “new” in quotes, because most of us greybeards should remember a technology called “containers,” circa 2004, and the arguments about which was better: virtualization or containers.

Well, it seems that the wheel has turned full circle, and we are back in that same place again. Somebody in the Linux world has invented Docker and marketed it. But what is it? Basically, Docker is a containerization tool for Linux—wait, déjà vu, there’s a glitch in the matrix. Substitute the word “Docker” for “Solaris Containers,” and you have the same beast. But now containerization is open source, so it must be right, because all the cool kids are talking about it.

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Citrix Workspace Services: Click Next, Next, Next… ?

The new Citrix Workspace Services was the major announcement at the Citrix Synergy conference last week. Citrix Workspace Services, an all-encompassing Platform as a Service (PaaS) built on Microsoft Azure, will enable service providers and enterprises to offer Citrix virtualization and cloud services to their customers. It will be in tech preview later in 2014, and no release date has been announced.

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Virtualization Must Be Intuitive and Easy

With so many vendors in the virtualization marketplace, new products are released daily, and only some of them will ultimately prove to be successful. The competition for both mindshare and wallet is fierce, and this is forcing new vendors in particular to simplify new products brought into the marketplace in order to achieve success.

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