Security: Another Key Reason for Virtualization

Aside from the production benefits of virtualization, an added benefit is improving security posture, which is paramount to most IT organizations. For those that haven’t already determined that a virtualized infrastructure is a better solution than handing out laptops with …
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My Collective Thoughts about VMworld 2016

It has now been a couple of weeks since VMworld 2016 came to a close in Las Vegas, Nevada. That has given me some time to ponder about what I saw, as well as what I heard, during that week in Vegas and I have to say my biggest take away was that VMworld 2016 was the year that seemed to really have more of a vibe about network and storage virtualization.


Will Containers Bring about a Smaller Shoe Size?

Will containers change the shoe size of the physical servers in the datacenter? When having a conversation with some of my peers about containers in general, the discussion started to move in a direction of what containers can bring to the environment and as such what steps or changes would be needed to be implemented to make the environment to be able to bring about the greatest success when offering containers as an option to the customers. To truly understand the change in thinking about the physical server’s footprint size I first need to make sure that we have a basic understanding of what the difference is between virtualization as a general term and container virtualization.