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VirtualBox adds Live Migration – Why?

The team at Sun continue to update VirtualBox – 3 releases in 1 month.  Of these the 3.0.12 release (November 17) and the 3.1.2 release (December 17) were maintenance releases with bug-fixes, whereas the 3.1.0 release (November 30) was a fairly substantial release containing new features, including Live Migration.

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VMware Player – still no threat to VirtualBox

For some time VMware Player has been a free option for people to run pre-built VMs, perhaps supplied to them by their employer, or by an ISV.  To construct a VM it has been necessary to use a more functional product such as VMware Workstation.

However, the new version of VMware Player, currently in Beta, is expected to allow you to create your own VMs, thus allowing an individual to download VMware Player and Ubuntu and within a few minutes have a LAMP stack running on their Windows PC.  The process is quite streamlined  and the product is neat, simple to use and well-documented.

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VirtualBox OSE 3.0 – Still a viable Open Source option?

In Texiwill’s recent vSphere post, he came to the conclusion he would have to retire his HP  DL380 G3 hardware in order to upgrade to vSphere. There is an interesting question as to whether his development environment could be saved by the judicious application of some Open Source technology. I too have some hardware of that vintage (an ML350 G3)  so I thought I’d have a go, and to add a little spice I thought I’d try and do it using free Open Source software.  After all ESXi 3.5i  is free, and that works pretty darn well on a ML350 G3.

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