Veeam Looks to the Future with Further Expansion into the Cloud

Veeam has dug its hand down the back of its corporate couches and handed over a tidy $42.5 million to N2WS, a provider of cloud-native enterprise backup and disaster recovery services for AWS. Who, you might ask? N2WS is the …
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Data Protection Coverage: Anti-Ransomware

Since ransomware is a crucial topic, phase 3 of our Data Protection Coverage report delves into anti-ransomware technologies. The disaster recovery and business continuity software used within an enterprise is in a unique position, one that allows easy detection of …
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VMware Leaves the Data Protection Market

Back in April, VMware announced the end of life for its vSphere Data Protection (VDP) product. This little nugget was once again hidden in a blog post, in which VMware stated that moving forward after vSphere 6.5, it would be helping to consolidate backup and recovery by …
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Disaster Recovery as a Service Requirements

In our data protection research, we have discovered that there are quite a number of companies that say they do Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Just what is DRaaS? What are the basic requirements? Is using a public cloud …
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