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IndependenceIT Cloud Workspace Suite

DesktopVirtualizationOver the past few weeks, I have been putting several DaaS providers under the microscope. I first looked at Amazon WorkSpaces and found it to be a decidedly lackluster service that was all the more disappointing coming from a company that has a proven ability to do far better. Next I looked at dinCloud, an independent DaaS platform developer and hosting provider, and found a capable second-generation DaaS platform being offered with a better SLA, lower cost, and greater flexibility than Amazon provides, from a company that knows and understands desktops. Having said that, dinCloud’s big differentiator over Amazon is not the incremental improvements it offers over Amazon WorkSpaces, but rather is something that Amazon is actually very good at: enabling customers to add value through service automation—in short, providing a DaaS API. Continue reading IndependenceIT Cloud Workspace Suite

Microsoft Changes Windows Licensing


…or “Yaw’ll run and git your shotguns, ’cause those pigs are a-flyin!”

Mark November 3, 2014, in your calendar as a red-letter day and living proof that leopards can change their spots. On this day, Microsoft changed the terms of Windows licensing for its flagship desktop operating system, Windows Enterprise. In an update to the terms and conditions of its Enterprise edition, Microsoft now offers the option to purchase Windows desktop operating systems on a per-user basis as well as a per-device basis, thereby opening up BYOD (bring your own device). Even more amazing, this user-based license negates the hated VDA (Windows Virtual Desktop Access).

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dinCloud DaaS: Domain Expertise Builds Better Desktops

DesktopVirtualizationAs I explored last week, Amazon’s first foray into DaaS leaves a lot to be desired. Fortunately, you don’t have to look too far to find a service provider who knows how to get it right. This week, I’m looking at one of the first successful cloud desktop providers: dinCloud.

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VMware Acquires CloudVolumes: What It Means for the Future of VDI

ElasticBox.VMwareThe biggest end user computing news of VMworld arrived a few days early, with the August 20 announcement that VMware has acquired storage layering startup CloudVolumes. In one step, this redefines VMware’s position in the end user computing marketplace. 

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Sphere 3D Launches Glassware 2.0 — An Appliance for Windows Apps

CloudComputingSphere3DIn its first appearance at VMworld, the Mississauga, Ontario–based company Sphere 3D looks poised to create a whole new technology classification with Glassware 2.0, a hyperconverged cloud client app hosting appliance.

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VMworld 2014 — The Essential Desktop Sessions

DesktopVirtualizationVMworld US 2014It’s that time again. VMworld 2014 opens in San Francisco on Monday, August 25. With seventy-four sessions covering end user computing this year, it’s clear that VMware is as serious about the desktop as it is about the data center. I’ve been looking through the session catalog to find what promise to be the most informative and thought-provoking desktop sessions of the conference. Continue reading VMworld 2014 — The Essential Desktop Sessions