VMware Announces Horizon View 7

On February 9, 2016, VMware announced a flurry of new EUC-based products to go with the already-announced AppVolumes 3.0. Note I say “announced” and not “generally available.” This annoys me. If something is announced, it should be available for download; it should not …
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Monitoring the Desktop: Covering EUC Completely

I have long had what some regard as an odd viewpoint on monitoring performance in desktop environments—which, when viewed from a traditional perspective, could be considered the case. To me, desktop monitoring covers all areas of performance monitoring, whether of physical desktops or of …
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It’s All About That Bass — Surely You Mean User Experience

In my last article, I mused on VDI—sorry, I mean EUC. What could have besmirched the fine name of VDI so much that it had to undergo a radical marketing overhaul? Yes, I know that EUC is much more than VDI, …
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