VMware Announces Horizon View 7

On February 9, 2016, VMware announced a flurry of new EUC-based products to go with the already-announced AppVolumes 3.0. Note I say “announced” and not “generally available.” This annoys me. If something is announced, it should be available for download; it should not …
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Monitoring the Desktop: Covering EUC Completely

I have long had what some regard as an odd viewpoint on monitoring performance in desktop environments—which, when viewed from a traditional perspective, could be considered the case. To me, desktop monitoring covers all areas of performance monitoring, whether of physical desktops or of …
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It’s All About That Bass — Surely You Mean User Experience

In my last article, I mused on VDI—sorry, I mean EUC. What could have besmirched the fine name of VDI so much that it had to undergo a radical marketing overhaul? Yes, I know that EUC is much more than VDI, …
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VMworld US 2015: Day 3 Recap

Welcome to The Virtualization Practice’s week-long coverage of VMworld US 2015. Tune in all week for our daily recap of the major announcements and highlights from the world’s premier virtualization and cloud conference. VMworld US 2015 continued yesterday, kicked off …
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