SMBs – Desktops in the Cloud, or Symantec Endpoint Virtualization?

Whilst new SMBs may be dabbling with online application suites, the bulk of the established SMB workload, however, is done in desktop applications, typically Microsoft Office, running in various flavours of Windows with a Windows Server. This is definitely not in the cloud, and there are lots of very good reasons why it won’t be, and less radical solutions are likely to offer more benefit.


Liquidware Labs Launches Stratusphere™ 4.5

Liquidware Labs the pioneer and leader in the business of providing tools to service providers that automate and accelerate the assessment and migration of physical desktop to virtual desktops has announced the latest release of their Stratusphere toolset – adding profile migration, and support for VMware View 4, Citrix XenDesktop 4, and Windows 7.