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SMBs – Desktops in the Cloud, or Symantec Endpoint Virtualization?

Given the hype in the press, most SMBs are now starting to be curious about what the “cloud” means for them. They may be surprised to realize they are already partially in the cloud.

  • They have a website which is managed separately from the main IT function and hosted on some server somewhere in the cloud.
  • Their email may or may not be in the cloud, depending on whether they have on-premises Exchange or hosted Exchange/pop/imap.
  • They may use some hosted line-of-business ISV applications, for example a CRM or a project management application

Whilst new SMBs may be dabbling with online application suites, the bulk of the established SMB workload, however, is done in desktop applications, typically Microsoft Office, running in various flavours of Windows with a Windows Server. This is definitely not in the cloud, and there are lots of very good reasons why it won’t be, and less radical solutions  are likely to offer more benefit.

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