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Should the SMB Adopt Cloud Computing?

It has been stated by some that SMBs should adopt cloud computing as the next best method to gain the best return on investment. However, is this really the case? Is cloud sufficiently advanced to provide compliance, security, and ROI? Do the SMBs know enough about the Cloud to properly utilize this powerful tool?

With the advent of VMware Go,  vCloud Express, and the vCloud API, VMware’s marketing message is that all SMBs should use the cloud to either deploy their free hypervisor (VMware Go), or use the Cloud to run their servers (vCloud Express).  VMware claimed at VMworld that we are no longer looking for ROI with Virtualization from a pure power and equipment costs, no we are now looking at virtualizing to save funds within the operational space of your company. Where best to do this than for SMBs to instead of owning their own equipment move their servers into the waiting vCloud Express providers such as Savvis, Terremark,, etc.

So what does this really mean to a SMB?

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