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VMware’s Heterogeneous Virtualization Management Strategy

VirtualizationManagementIconFor quite a number of years, VMware has made it very clear that it views virtualization not only as a technology that provides significant benefits to data centers, but also a technology that disrupts the existing virtualization management solutions, and opens an opportunity for new management solutions to be offered and adopted by enterprises. VMware has also made it clear that it intends to capitalize upon this opportunity by fielding a family of strong products in the Virtualization Management area.

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Are we going to see real progress in IT Automation and Service Assurance in 2012?

In “VMware Articulates a Compelling Management Vision – Automated Service Assurance“, we detailed the strategy the VMware announced at VMworld Las Vegas in the fall of 2011. The cornerstone of that strategy was to open up a new ROI for virtualization. This new ROI is based upon OPEX savings that come from automating IT Operations, in contrast to the CAPEX savings that come the server consolidation that has fueled the virtualization industry so far.

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Toward Converged Virtualization Management Suites

The infrastructure monitoring, application monitoring, cloud management and image provision sectors of the virtualization management space have been going through an extremely rapid evolution in the last few months. This makes it useful to take a look at these four aspects of virtualization management (leaving out security and data protection) in the context of each other.

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News: Quest Software acquires vKernel

Quest Software has announced that they are buying VKernel. Now this is very interesting as Quest is the vendor of the market leading monitoring solution for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V (vFoglight), and VKernel is a leader in resource constraint based performance and capacity management for these two virtualization platforms. Now you ask, exactly what is the difference between monitoring vSphere (vFoglight), and doing constraint based performance and capacity management for vSphere (VKernel)?

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