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EVO:RAIL Is Dead! Long Live VxRail!

In June 2014, VMware’s Project Marvin was sighted. From that point until the release of the tech preview at VMworld at the end of August, there was very little to know about it. What was previewed? EVO:RACK and EVO:RAIL, VMware’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) offering. This was a big step for VMware. Its first hardware release was not just hardware, but the whole software ecosystem to make EVO:RAIL and EVO:RACK a turnkey appliance. This is a huge project that must have taken a lot of internal resources to pull off. A strange move from a successful, pure software system. Earlier this week, rumour of the end of EVO:RACK and EVO:RAIL started to circulate. On February 16, VCE announced the release of VxRack and VxRail.

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Dell: The Future for EMC

Dell is the future for EMC and, incidentally, for VMware. But how is this future going to be formed? Assuming the stockholders agree, the deal will go through. How will Dell ingest such a large organization with such a diverse product line that competes with Dell—not to mention VMware, which, while part of the Federation, is traded separately. Let us look at the landscape of EMC with regard to how Dell could create a powerhouse. What are the options available to it? 

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Cisco Cloud Services Positions Cisco to Compete in the Cloud

When you hear the term “cloud computing,” Amazon, Google, VMware, and Microsoft are the companies that you most likely think of first. Well, it seems Cisco Systems wants a spot on that list of companies known for their cloud services. Cisco announced in March that it plans to begin offering Cisco Cloud Services to its corporate customers. Cisco is fully committed to making this happen and is ready to invest more than one billion dollars over the next two years to do so. I would venture to say that Cisco is putting its money where its mouth is to enter and compete in a market that is now led by Amazon.

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The Security of Converged Infrastructures

On the January 2, 2014, the Virtualization Security Podcast was joined on the spur of the moment by @Josh_Atwell, who works for VCE, to discuss the security of converged infrastructures. This was of particular interest to me due to my current research on the security of a VCE Vblock. The research got me thinking about converged infrastructures in general. Before the podcast, I posed two questions on Twitter:

  • Are converged infrastructures more secure than traditional implementations?
  • Can converged infrastructures be more secure than traditional implementations?

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