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EMC/Cisco/VMware vBlock – OpEx Savings Courtesy of Ionix

In EMC/Cisco/VMware vBlock – an Economist’s Perspective, we made the following fundamental points:

  1. EMC, Cisco and VMware are not going to sell their hardware and software for less when their components are part of a vBlock bundle then when they are sold ala carte to VAR’s and customers.
  2. However, EMC and Cisco are saying that vBlocks will be less expensive to purchase than competing alternatives
  3. This will be true because Acadia will pre-integrate the EMC, Cisco and VMware components for less cost to the customer (due to having a leveraged, scalable and repeatable process for doing so) than the typical VMware VAR will be able to deliver.
  4. Therefore the “cheaper price” comes from driving down some of the services costs associated with implementing vBlocks at the expense of the VMware VAR channel.

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