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Cisco Cius- The enterprise tablet

Cisco took the covers of its long awaited Cius tablet earlier this week, a full year after it was first announced. Cisco has finally released price and shipping date for it’s highest profile product since the launch of its ground braking UCS compute platform in March 2009.

At this point, comparisons with both the Apple iPad and business focused tablets from RIM and HP are inevitable, and straight away the differences are obvious.  Both Cisco and RIM share a common perspective that the ideal size for a business focused tablet is seven inches. HP tried, and most would say failed, the seven inch form factor with its Slate 500 tablet, before launching the 10 inch HP TouchPad. RIM’s seven inch Playbook launch was far from spectacular, and Apple’s Steve Jobs has been very vocal in his perspective that 10 inches is the right size and that he would never consider anything smaller. Given all that, Cisco must have some very good reasons for sticking with the seven-inch form factor, and it would appear that they have.

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